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Jumping Castle With Slide

As a leading manufacturer and seller of jumping castles with slides in Australia, we are deeply committed to delivering value to our customers by providing premium, lead-safe, and flame-retardant jumping castles crafted from commercial PVC materials. Our expertise in manufacturing allows us to offer these high-quality products at the most competitive prices, ensuring you get the best value for your investment. Whether you are in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, or anywhere across Australia, we are your go-to source for all your jumping castle needs.

Bringing Value with Every Purchase

High-Quality Materials: Safety and durability are our top priorities. By choosing the finest lead-safe and flame-retardant commercial PVC materials, we ensure that our jumping castles with slides are not just fun but also secure and durable for long-term enjoyment.

Competitive Pricing: Directly from the manufacturer to you, our jumping castles are priced to offer the best value. We eliminate unnecessary markups to ensure you receive top-quality products at the most affordable prices.

Tailored to the Australian Market: We understand the specific needs of the Australian market. That's why we've optimized our products and services to meet the unique demands of customers from Sydney to Perth and everywhere in between.

Support for Entrepreneurs: For those looking to start or expand a jumping castle hire business, we provide not just products but a partnership. Our team is dedicated to supporting your business growth with expert advice and top-quality jumping castles that are sure to attract customers.

Optimized for Australian Searches

In understanding how our Australian customers search for jumping castles with slides, we've optimized our online presence with targeted keywords to ensure you can find us easily. When you search for:

· Jumping Castle for Sale

· Affordable Jumping Castles with Slide

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You'll find our high-quality offerings tailored to meet your needs, whether for personal use or for launching or expanding your jumping castle hire business.

Partner with Us for Unmatched Value

Choosing us means opting for a partner who is dedicated to providing not just a product, but a comprehensive solution that includes quality assurance, competitive pricing, and tailored advice to ensure the success of your jumping castle venture. We're committed to fostering long-term relationships with our customers by offering durable, safe, and enjoyable jumping castles that are designed to meet the specific needs of the Australian market.

Whether you're in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, or any other part of Australia, and whether you're buying for personal use or to run a jumping castle hire business, we're here to provide the best quality jumping castles with slides at the best prices. Contact us today to discover how we can add value to your purchase and help you bring joy and entertainment to your community.

Model: E120600
6 in 1 Unicorn Bounce House ComboSKU:                  E120600Size(meter):     5m(L)x6m(W)x5m(H)Size(feet):         16ft(L)x19ft(W)x16ft(H)..
Model: E120553
Avengers Splash PoolSKU:                  E120553Size(meter):     8m(L)x3.5m(W)x4m(H)Size(feet):         26ft(L)x11ft(W)x13ft(H)..
Model: E120537
Barbie Dreamhouse Party Bouncy CastleSKU:                  E120537Size(meter):     6.4m(L)x3.5m(W)x4.3m(H)Size(feet):         21ft(L)x11.5ft(W)x14ft(H)..
Model: E120604
Basketball 4in1 ComboSKU:                  E120604Size(meter):     7.6m(L)x6m(W)x5.4m(H)Size(feet):         25ft(L)x20ft(W)x18ft(H)..
Model: E120526
Blippi Module Castle With SlideSKU:                  E120526Size(meter):     4m(L)x4m(W)x4m(H)Size(feet):         13ft(L)x13ft(W)x13ft(H)..
Bounce House Bounce House
Hot -20 %
Model: E102058
Buy bounce house from East Inflatables, an inflatable manufacturer with a great selection of jumping castle with slide, the advantage of us to other inflatable manufacturers are that we supply good commercial inflatables with best price, fast shipping, highest quality. We are the best jumping castle..
AU$‎3,340 AU$‎4,175
Model: E120594
Butterfly ComboSKU:                  E120594Size(meter):     10m(L)x4.6m(W)x4.2m(H)Size(feet):         33ft(L)x15ft(W)x14ft(H)..
Model: E120580
Dinosaur ComboSKU:                  E120580Size(meter):     8m(L)x5m(W)x5.5m(H)Size(feet):         27ft(L)x17ft(W)x18ft(H)..
Model: E120581
Doc McStuffins Bounce House & Slide - DrySKU:                  E120581Size(meter):     6.5m(L)x3.7m(W)x4m(H)Size(feet):         21ft(L)x12ft(W)x13ft(H)..
Model: E120575
Dolphin Bounce House With SlideSKU:                  E120575Size(meter):     7.6m(L)x4m(W)x4m(H)Size(feet):         25ft(L)x13ft(W)x14ft(H)..
Model: E120572
Dual Lane Jungle Wet Dry ComboSKU:                  E120572Size(meter):     5.7m(L)x6.7m(W)x13m(H)Size(feet):         19ft(L)x22ft(W)x13ft(H)..
Model: E120546
Fairies Bouncy castleSKU:                  E120546Size(meter):     5m(L)x5m(W)x4m(H)Size(feet):         16ft(L)x16ft(W)x13ft(H)..
Model: E120605
Fairytale Mini ComboSKU:                  E120605Size(meter):     10m(L)x6m(W)x4m(H)Size(feet):         35ft(L)x20ft(W)x13ft(H)..
Model: E120543
Fantasy Princess CastleSKU:                  E120543Size(meter):     10m(L)x5m(W)x8m(H)Size(feet):         33ft(L)x16ft(W)x25ft(H)..
Model: E120598
Fiesta ComboSKU:                  E120598Size(meter):     6m(L)x5.4m(W)x4.8m(H)Size(feet):         20ft(L)x18ft(W)x16ft(H)..
Model: E120563
Fortnite CastleSKU:                  E120563Size(meter):     5m(L)x6m(W)x5m(H)Size(feet):         16ft(L)x19ft(W)x16ft(H)..
Frozen Jumping Castle Frozen Jumping Castle
Hot -20 %
Brand: Frozen Model: E102028
Buy frozen jumping castle from East Inflatables, an inflatable manufacturer with a great selection of jumping castle with slide, the advantage of us to other inflatable manufacturers are that we supply good commercial inflatables with best price, fast shipping, highest quality. We are the best jumpi..
AU$‎3,254 AU$‎4,067
Model: E120510
Cheap Funhouse Castle For SaleSKU:                 E120510Size(meter):    4.9m(L)x5.2m(W)x4m(H) Size(feet):        16ft(L)x17ft(W)x13ft(H)..
Model: E120593
Galaxy ComboSKU:                  E120593Size(meter):     10m(L)x4.6m(W)x4.2m(H)Size(feet):         33ft(L)x15ft(W)x14ft(H)..
Model: E120579
Gingerbread ComboSKU:                  E120579Size(meter):     7.6m(L)x5m(W)x5.5m(H)Size(feet):         25ft(L)x16ft(W)x18ft(H)..
Model: E120590
Happy FerrisSKU:                  E120590Size(meter):     6m(L)x4m(W)x3.2m(H)Size(feet):         19ft(L)x13ft(W)x10ft(H)..
Model: E120578
Haunted House ComboSKU:                  E120578Size(meter):     7.6m(L)x5m(W)x5.5m(H)Size(feet):         25ft(L)x16ft(W)x18ft(H)..
Model: E120571
Ice Cream CartSKU:                  E120571Size(meter):     6.5m(L)x5.5m(W)x5m(H)Size(feet):         21ft(L)x18ft(W)x16ft(H)..
Inflatable Crayon Playland Combo Inflatable Crayon Playland Combo
-20 %
Model: E102038
Buy inflatable crayon playland combo from East Inflatables, an inflatable manufacturer with a great selection of jumping castle with slide, the advantage of us to other inflatable manufacturers are that we supply good commercial inflatables with best price, fast shipping, highest quality. We are the..
AU$‎3,081 AU$‎3,851
Model: E120503
Cheap Inflatable Lego Bounce HouseSKU:                  E120503Size(meter):     8m(L)x3.5m(W)x4m(H) Size(feet):         26ft(L)x11ft(W)x13ft(H)..
Model: E120505
Inflatable Party Castle For SaleSKU:                E120505Size(meter):   5.5m(L)x4.5m(W)x4m(H) Size(feet):       18ft(L)x15ft(W)x13ft(H)..
Model: E120542
Inflatable Truck Castle With SlideSKU:                  E120542Size(meter):     7.5m(L)x4.5m(W)x5m(H)Size(feet):         24ft(L)x14ft(W)x16ft(H)..
Model: E120574
Iron Man Bounce House With SlideSKU:                  E120574Size(meter):     5m(L)x5m(W)x4m(H)Size(feet):         16.6ft(L)x16.6ft(W)x13ft(H)..
Model: E120545
Knight Bouncy CastleSKU:                  E120545Size(meter):     5m(L)x5m(W)x3.3m(H)Size(feet):         16ft(L)x16ft(W)x11ft(H)..
Model: E120506
Buy LOL Dolls Jumping Castle and SlideSKU:                E120506Size(meter):   6m(L)x5.5m(W)x4m(H) Size(feet):       20ft(L)x18ft(W)x13ft(H)..
Model: E120552
Madagascar Splash PoolSKU:                  E120552Size(meter):     8m(L)x3.5m(W)x4m(H)Size(feet):         26ft(L)x11ft(W)x13ft(H)..
Model: E120515
Marble Rush Deluxe Water CastleSKU:                  E120515Size(meter):     10m(L)x4m(W)x4.3m(HSize(feet):         33m(L)x13m(W)x14m(H)..
Model: E120555
Mario Brothers 6 In 1 InflatableSKU:                  E120555Size(meter):     6m(L)x6m(W)x4.5m(H)Size(feet):         19ft(L)x19ft(W)x15ft(H)..
Model: E120524
Mini Bouncy House With A PoolSKU:                  E120524Size(meter):     3m(L)x3m(W)x2.4m(H)Size(feet):         10ft(L)x10ft(W)x8ft(H)..
Model: E120550
Moana Splash PoolSKU:                  E120550Size(meter):     8m(L)x3.5m(W)x4m(H)Size(feet):         26ft(L)x11ft(W)x13ft(H)..
Model: E120576
Monster Truck ComboSKU:                  E120576Size(meter):     8m(L)x5m(W)x5.5m(H)Size(feet):         27ft(L)x17ft(W)x18ft(H)..
Model: E120529
New Princess Girl CastleSKU:                  E120529Size(meter):     6m(L)x5m(W)x5m(H)Size(feet):         19ft(L)x16ft(W)x16ft(H)..
Model: E120520
New Palm Tree Castle For SaleSKU:                  E120520Size(meter):     4.2m(L)x4.2m(W)x4m(H)Size(feet):         14ft(L)x14ft(W)x13ft(H)..
Model: E120513
Cheap Paw patrol castle For SaleSKU:                  E120513Size(meter):     5m(L)x5m(W)x4m(H) Size(feet):         16ft(L)x16ft(W)x13ft(H)..
Model: E120577
Pinata ComboSKU:                  E120577Size(meter):     8m(L)x5m(W)x5.5m(H)Size(feet):         27ft(L)x17ft(W)x18ft(H)..
Model: E120601
Rainbow Art BouncerSKU:                  E120601Size(meter):     4.5m(L)x4.5m(W)x4.5m(H)Size(feet):         15ft(L)x15ft(W)x15ft(H)..
Model: E120589
Robot FactorySKU:                  E120589Size(meter):     5m(L)x4m(W)x3.5m(H)Size(feet):         16ft(L)x13ft(W)x10ft(H)..
Model: E120551
Star Wars Splash PoolSKU:                  E120551Size(meter):     8m(L)x3.5m(W)x4m(H)Size(feet):         26ft(L)x11ft(W)x13ft(H)..
Model: E120592
T-Rex ComboSKU:                  E120592Size(meter):     9m(L)x4.5m(W)x4.5m(H)Size(feet):         30ft(L)x15ft(W)x15ft(H)..
Model: E120514
The batcave castle For SaleSKU:                  E120514Size(meter):     6m(L)x5m(W)x4m(H)Size(feet):         19ft(L)x16ft(W)x13ft(H)..
Model: E120597
Toddler Jungle Bounce HouseSKU:                  E120597Size(meter):     3.6m(L)x2.4m(W)x2.4m(H)Size(feet):         12ft(L)x8ft(W)x8ft(H)..
Model: E120504
Cheap Trolls combo castle For SaleSKU:                E120504Size(meter):   7.3m(L)x4.8m(W)x4.2m(H) Size(feet):       23ft(L)x15ft(W)x13ft(H)..
Model: E120512
Buy Your party princess castleSKU:                  E120512Size(meter):     5m(L)x5m(W)x4m(H) Size(feet):         16ft(L)x16ft(W)x13ft(H)..
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