Yes, jumping castles, also known as bounce houses or inflatable bounce structures, typically require electricity to operate. The primary component that utilizes electricity in these inflatable structures is the blower or fan.

The blower or fan is responsible for continuously pumping air into the inflatable structure to keep it inflated while in use. This constant airflow maintains the structural integrity and allows users to jump and play safely inside the bounce house.

These blowers or fans are powered by electricity and are designed to run continuously while the inflatable is in use. They come in various sizes and power ratings depending on the size and type of the inflatable structure. Smaller residential bounce houses usually have smaller blowers with lower wattage ratings, while larger commercial-grade inflatables may have more powerful blowers to accommodate their size and capacity.

While the inflatable itself doesn't require electricity once it's inflated, the blower needs a constant power source to keep the structure inflated and functional. Therefore, users need access to an electrical outlet or a power source to operate the blower during the entire duration of use.